Techno-Kidz where every child can play and learn - Let's Play - Lego - Creativity - Science,Technology, Engineering, Maths, Problem Solving,
Teamwork, Computing, Programming, Language & Literacy, Social Studies and Mechanical / Engineering skils.....

Techno-Kidz is a club at a school where kids learn to be creative by using there building skills to construct a robot and then to program it to come alive. Kids enroll at the Techno-Kidz Robotics klub and attend training sessions in order to participate at
regional and national competitions and also stand a chance to participate overseas.
The Curriculum Robotics enhances the skills to work in a team, it developes healthy social skills by reasoning and problem solving in a group. Robotics enhances science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills. Language and literacy, social skills as well as logical thinking. We teach kids to build with Lego, machines and mechanisms to get to know gears, levers and pulleys, wheels, axes and other advanced sensors like touch, ultrasonic, sound, light, colour, motors and gyro sensors. Electronic engineering is the focus for the future.
Contact Us Nicky du Plessis - or Monique Genis -
Tel: 012 567 3688 / 083 414 3888
C/O Antun and Mirca Avenue, Sinoville, Pretoria, 0129

Takes place at Tshwane University of Technology

Takes place at UNISA
Track Record
Techno-Kidz Club
"Stephanus Roos"

2010 - Primary School Section, 5,6,8th Place
2011 - Primary School Section - Winners in S.A
2011 - WRO Abu Dhabi
2012 - Primary School Section, 3rd and 5th Place
2012 – High School Section 6th Place
2013 - Primary School Section, 4, 5, 8 and 9th Place
2014 - Primary School Section, 3, 6, 8th Place
2014 - Controlled Category Winners
2015 - Controlled Category Winners, 2nd and 4th
2015 - Primary School Section Silver 2nd Gauteng
2015 - High School Section Silver 2nd Gauteng and Nationals.
2015 - Controlled Category Bronze
2016 - Winner in Junior High School Gold
Going to India New Delhi 2016

2011 - Winners of the Core Values Award
2012 - 5th Place at Gauteng
2013 - Winners of the Team Award
2014 - 3rd at Gauteng and 3rd at Nationals
2015 - Winners of the Gracious Professionalism Award
2015 - Winners of the Judges Award

Lego Education for all, lifelong learning building a better tomorrow with bricks....
Gallery - Photos of WRO, FLL and FLL Juniors
WRO-Gallery WRO International 2011 FLL-Gallary
2010 2011 World Robotics Competition in Abu-Dhabi Capital of the United Arab Emirates 2011
2011 2016 Winners Junior High School Category - Duan Denner and Pieter Pelser

Vakansiekursus - Kontak
2012 2013
2013 2014
2014 2015 SNR
2015 2015 JNR

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